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Wow! The only reaction that comes to mind when thinking about our BOÉ Bubbles and Brunch event that was held on Sunday, the 14th of March. Our two-hour event turned into an all-day-long bonding session with BOÉ and the girls, harbour-side! With bottomless bubbles, the most beautiful small plates brunch, cosy weather and DJ entertainment, it’s not surprising! If you couldn’t attend this event, we would be lying if we say you didn’t miss out. BUT we have good news! BOÉ has decided to spend her time well for the next few weeks and will continue to visit SOCIAL, for a limited time.


With BOÉ as our current feature wine, we’ve asked Belinda and Zoé to give us a few fun facts about BOÉ so that we can get to know them a little bit better. Time for a classic Q&A!


When and how did you decide on the idea of starting BOÉ Wines?

Belinda: “Zoé and I were having a rosé by the water in Newcastle when we started talking about how we always buy the French rosé on the menu. This is because we always know we’ll be getting the perfect light, dry, pale pink colour. We immediately started thinking - it would be amazing to get an Australian wine on the market shelves – showing how we are capable of making a similar style and taste, right here in our own backyard! We started with the magnums as we loved the European concept of sharing large rosé magnums.”


What was the gap in the market that you identified when first started BOÉ?

Belinda: “We tend to associate all Australian rosé as a sweet, dark red variety and therefore so often reach for the French versions. There was also a gap in the market for aesthetically appealing packaged Australian Rosé Magnums.”


For those who don’t know yet – how did you come up with the name? 

Belinda: “It’s a portmanteau for both of our names, Belinda & Zoé.”


Where and how are BOÉ harvest and bottled? 

Belinda: “I’m lucky enough to have family in the winemaking industry, which ensures that this is no standard rosé, but one made from a third-generation Italian winemaker. We use the Italian style “Rosato” which is a blend of 3 grape varieties (Sangiovese, Nebbiolo and Barbera). Sam Miranda from King Valley produces all our wine. This is a 120-hectare property located at the foothills of the beautiful Victorian Alps. The cool climate is perfect for both the prosecco and rosé. The fruit gets machine harvested at night time and then gets left in the bins for 24hrs. This allows it to naturally start the fermenting process. Thereafter, the clear juice gets sucked out through a screen with no maceration of the skins. The juice completes fermentation over a 6-week period at 10 degrees Celsius. The finished wine gets lightly fined, then bottled in October.”


What are the primary flavours of the BOÉ range?

Belinda: “The subtle fruit flavours are enhanced by the silky-smooth texture of the wine. It lingers and finishes with a crisp natural acidity. A delicate rosé that is crisp and refreshing, yet also intimate and warm. Our Bubbles is a savoury blend of the rosé (a premium King Valley Prosecco).”


What is the most popular product and what is your personal favourite?

Belinda: ”It’s almost impossible too chose! I love the Bubbles for parties and celebrations.

The rosé is my go-to for pairing with home-cooked meals though!”


Name three dishes that you would recommend to pair BOÉ with.

1: BOÉ Rosé Nduja Pippies

2: BOÉ Bubbles Oyster Mignonette

3: Spicy BOÉ Rigatoni Pasta.

(All can be found on the BOÉ Wines website)


Where do you see BOÉ in 5 years? 

Belinda: “I would love to see BOÉ’s wholesale side expand. Being stocked in bars and restaurants all over the country and being paired with local produce from all different regions of Australia.”


Come and meet up with BOÉ harbour-side at SOCIAL! We promise she’ll keep you entertained much longer than you planned ;).

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